Website Content going over footer - min-height css error?

I am reaching the end of my troubleshooting options so hopefully someone can help.

I've got quite a few bugs to work out with this site, but the most pressing right now is the content going over the Footer.  I've tried several options but still have not found a solution.  Any assistance is appreciated.
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David S.Commented:
The problem seems to be caused by the use of relative positioning without compensating for its side effects. Instead of giving "top: 160px;" to ".site-main", give it "padding-top: 160px;" instead. Relative positioning is when you set the position property to "relative" and set any of the top, left, bottom, or right properties to a (computed) value other than 0. What it does is shift where an element appears to be without actually moving it. In this case it shifted the main content down to overlap the footer.

After making that change, you'll need to increase the value for "top" applied to ".site-main .sidebar-container".

P.S. Your page is 1MB, mainly because you're using 3 images that are each 256 KB. Two of those images, the logo (which can be reduced from 3300x3092 to 396x372 or even 198x186) and carbon4.jpg, can be resized to a lot smaller. Then I recommend you run the PNGs through an optimizer tool. I use PNG Gauntlet (for Windows) myself but there are many to choose from:

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axessJoshAuthor Commented:
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

That worked exactly as I needed it to.

Also, I have updated the images as you suggested.  That was on my list of tasks to do as I had just taken things directly from the designer and put it into comps for them with plans to update later.

Again, thanks for your help.
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