Lenovo laptop shuts down unexpectedly.

Users laptop shuts down randomly when locked or leave the desk. The event viewer error says 6008 but I could not read the entire error as I am not on the users laptop looking. It almost looks like it comes out of Hibernation as the applications are still running when it opens. The event id is source event log ID 6008. There are 16b of these events in a row.
Dennis MillerAsked:
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This reference (with solution) was written for Win 2000, but the situation seems to be very similar to yours

A more modern reference with several different ideas

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The first thing to do is turn Hibernation OFF. Disable it. It does not always work to expectation. Suspend works fine, on the other hand.

Try that and please let us know.
Dennis MillerAuthor Commented:
Guys, Thanks and JCimaron might have the fix as most of the users here get an image placed on them and some of the techs go to Lenovo's site and download the chipset and never update the bios. From what I have seen and it will cause a blue screen is that the bios has to be updated on its own. Then re-boot, then load the chipset, then re-boot again. Myself I use what the image gave but some try to go to far and fix what is not broken. I am having them send me one of the machines that keeps re-booting and I can also check to make sure hibernation is off but I am sure they have done that. Once I get a laptop here with the issue on it I will know for sure. Thanks and I will get back once we have a laptop with the issue on it.
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"JCimaron might have the fix "
What was the end result?
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