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I backup log files every 30  minutes with a full that occurs at night. If I need to restore the backup to the current time is there a program that will help me to restore the SQL data with all the log files?

Windows SQL 2014
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You can restore backup using ssms.
First restore latest one full backup in NO RECOVERY MODE
Apply all subsequent backup in no recovery mode except last log backup.
Then apply latest one log backup in Recovery Mode.


Thanks I guess I should have known that!


from UI
First you have to restore full backup with select the option NO Recovery. -- now your database will not be accessible then

If you are taking the differential backup , restore it with the NO recovery option if no differential restore the tlog backup.

Restore the transaction log backup just after the full backup\Differential (if you are taking differentail) with NO Recovery option and restore the complete series of chain transaction log backup if any tlog backup is missing , you can not restore next Tlog backup which happen after the missing Tlog backup file, In short Tlog backup will restore in series.

Finally restore the Last one Transaction log backup with RECOVERY option.

Here is the complete testing scenario will help you how tlog backup chain work


Thank you very much!

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