SharePoint 2013 document Library; create a library where users can only "see" files they added

Goal is any user can add files to the document library, but can only see their files and cannot see files uploaded by another users.

An example could be expense reports; user A loads report and can always see it, user B can load their report to same library but cannot see user A's reports.  Accountant can see all reports.

Alternatively, is there an app that could allow a user to upload an expense report to the site, never actually exposing the contents of teh document to the users?
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
For items like this one usually creates a workflow and there are many examples for creating them.. expense reporting is a popular topic.
martushaProduct managerCommented:
The Basic Solution

Basic solution makes use of out-of-the-box SharePoint and Office capabilities. An Excel worksheet is used to capture expense information and a SharePoint Team Site, a site page and list. For this solution you need business power user level of SharePoint knowledge. The resulting Expense solution will do the following:
      *  Employees will continue to fill out an MS Excel workbook for their expense form
      *  Employee then opens the Expense site URL, where they open a new item on the expense
        list, fill out form fields,
        attaches the xls form, any receipts and saves
      *  Upon creation of the list item, SharePoint notifies the manager for approval, the manager
        approves, and notification is
        sent to the Finance department
      *  Once in Finance the expense data is either entered into the payables system or it can be
         saved for a periodic export to
        excel into the back office accounting system. The following is the steps to create this basic Expenses Site:
     *  Create a new site from the Team Site template
     *  Add a new custom list called Expenses
            *  Add columns (fields): Title, Purpose (text), Employee (people), Date, total expense
               amount (number)
            *  In advanced features turn on Content approval
     *  Add a new Promoted Links list to Home page
            *  Add links for New Expense Form, Submit Expense, My Expense History – all should
               open in dialog boxes
     *  Add your Excel Expense form template to the documents library. This link will be used for
        the New Expense Form icon
     *  Optional: add Expense Announcements list – add to home page
     *  Optional: add Expense Polices document library – add to home page

While this does not go into every detail, it should give you some direction to setup a basic site.

From the end-user perspective, they can come to the site, download and fill out an expense form, then use the “submit expenses” icon to fill-out required Meta data fields and attach the expense form and receipt images to the list item. Once this is done, those managers in the approval group can approve the expenses. From there finance staff can process it (they need to setup a list alert for themselves to be notified).

Additionally the user can access their old expenses to see status and history (configure views). Remember this is a basic implementation, and it is possible to add more complex workflows, security structures and reports.

Also check the answer here: Sharepoint Designer 2013 Expense Report

Hope it helps.
VirtualKansasAuthor Commented:
OK am sorry, but either too little or too much answer.

Remove the concept of expense reporting as an example; "Goal is any user can add files to the document library, but can only see their files and cannot see files uploaded by another users."

Adding files to the document library, but only documents visible to the users are those posted (created by) the user.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
use their own document library

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