Corrupted iTunes Match Catalog on iPhone & iPad

My iPhone 6Plus and iPad are both running iOS 8.3 and have corrupted music catalogues. I am also running iTunes on Windows 7 64bit.

* I have ripped CDs on PC iTunes and uploaded them to iTunes Match
* They have worked perfectly for over 12 months and I can stream and download them to my devices accurately every time

* I have recently seen weird displays within MUSIC on my iPhone and iPad (identical issues on both)
* Some CDs only show a subset of the tracks (ie show 9 of the 19 tracks that were successfully uploaded to iTunes Match)
* Some CDs are shown with the wrong Artist name (ie "Swedish House Mafia" tracks are listed under "The Soup Dragons" even though they are listed correctly in iTunes Match)
* Some tracks show twice for an album (1 version is local and the other is in the cloud ready for download)
   - I only put songs onto my devices via iTunes Match, never by local sync

* I have turned off iTunes Match on the devices and deleted all of the tracks
* When I turn iTunes Match back on on the devices the corruption shows again
* I have deleted one of the CDs from my PC iTunes library and it shows as fully available for download from cloud (I think that this proves that the songs have been correctly uploaded to the cloud and the issue is with the devices and not the files stored on iTunes Match?)

Does anyone know how I can access and play all of the songs in my iTunes Match cloud via my devices please? Is it linked to recently upgrading to iOS8.3? Thanks!
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Justin BradshawOwnerCommented:
Try activating your iTunes Match on an entirely new device... or one that was just erased and setup from scratch (same thing). You could/should also do this with a Mac or PC with iTunes that hasn't used your account yet... meaning either a new user or an entirely new computer.

If the corruption still happens, then the problem is likely with your Match data in the cloud. I'd call Apple and have them reset it or fix it if they can.

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everycloudAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the answer. That didn't help - but I have not contacted Apple. I didn't know that you could contact them for this sort of thing. They are now helping me (although they have no idea why it is happening and can't solve it so far). So thanks again for the heads up!

I will keep this open for a short while in case I can provide details of a solution.
Justin BradshawOwnerCommented:
Interesting. So when you say "That didn't help" you mean a new device with your iTunes Match added to it has the same problems? If so, it's definitely something Apple might need to help you with.

On the other hand, there are two more things I'd try if it were me:
1) Turn iTunes Match off entirely. Have Apple cancel the service on your account and delete all of the data. Then activate it again on your main computer. It will have to upload your non-matched music again but should get it to work.
2) switch to Apple Music. That's a service that includes some features of Match but has many more features and would probably not have the same problems. (different ones maybe, but not this one I'm guessing!)
everycloudAuthor Commented:

The corruption was limited to iOS 8.3 on the Apple devices. The data stored in the iTunes Match cloud was fine.

Their Tech Support got me to install iOS 8.4 and it is all working fine again. Thanks for your advice. And by the way - Apple Support rock! I was very very impressed :-D
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