Conditional Formatting Iif Statement - Help

I created an expression that changed the background fill of a cell based on other fields.  
I have 2 statements working and when I add the 3rd condition, I get errors and the report won't run.  

Here is the working expression:

=Iif(Fields!ReviewType.Value="ConditionsReview",Iif((Lookup(Fields!LoanPriority.Value,Fields!Loan_Priority.Value, Fields!Date.Value, "UnderwritingConditions"))>Fields!StatusDate.Value,"Salmon","PaleGreen",
Iif(Fields!ReviewType.Value="Rework Queue",Iif((Lookup(Fields!LoanPriority.Value,Fields!Loan_Priority.Value, Fields!Date.Value, "UnderwritingConditions"))>Fields!StatusDate.Value,"Salmon","PaleGreen"),""))

Here is the expression that does not work:
=Iif(Fields!ReviewType.Value="ConditionsReview",Iif((Lookup(Fields!LoanPriority.Value,Fields!Loan_Priority.Value, Fields!Date.Value, "UnderwritingConditions"))>Fields!StatusDate.Value,"Salmon","PaleGreen"),
Iif(Fields!ReviewType.Value="Rework Queue",Iif((Lookup(Fields!LoanPriority.Value,Fields!Loan_Priority.Value, Fields!Date.Value, "UnderwritingConditions"))>Fields!StatusDate.Value,"Salmon","PaleGreen"),
Iif(Fields!ReviewType.Value NOT IN("Rework Queue","ConditionsReview"),Iif(Fields!StatusDate.Value<Today(),"Salmon","PaleGreen"),"")))

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Scott WilliamsData AnalystAsked:
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Nico BontenbalCommented:
What error message are you getting. I don't think 'NOT IN' is supported by SSRS. So you need to rewrite that as:
Fields!ReviewType.Value <> "Rework Queue" and Fields!ReviewType.Value <> "ConditionsReview"

And in general:
When you are nesting iifs do it like this:
start with:
then change the true or false part into another iif like this:
test every step. Not only by checking if the report runs, but also by checking if you are getting the correct result. Keep replacing a true or false part (in your example "Salmon" or "PaleGreen") with another iif(a=b,"Salmon","PaleGreen") statement. That way you should get the right result. If might also help to put the expression on multiple lines like this:
That might make it easier to see where you made a mistake. And also make it easier to update the expression later.

I don't understand how the first expression can be correct. It has the part
in it. That would mean there is another parameter after the true and false parts of the iif.

And it might help to describe the desired result. Looks like the iif statement is the same for ConditionsReview and Rework Queue. So you could make your expression a lot simpler by using
Fields!ReviewType.Value="ConditionsReview" or Fields!ReviewType.Value="Rework Queue"
for the condition. When you make a table with all the possible combinations and outcome it's easier to see what the most simple combination of criteria is.

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Scott WilliamsData AnalystAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your help.  I have broken down the three statements.  

=Iif(Fields!ReviewType.Value="ConditionsReview",Iif((Lookup(Fields!LoanPriority.Value,Fields!Loan_Priority.Value, Fields!Date.Value, "UnderwritingConditions"))>Fields!StatusDate.Value,"Salmon","PaleGreen"),""),

=Iif(Fields!ReviewType.Value="Rework Queue",Iif((Lookup(Fields!LoanPriority.Value,Fields!Loan_Priority.Value, Fields!Date.Value, "UnderwritingConditions"))>Fields!StatusDate.Value,"Salmon","PaleGreen"),"")

=Iif((Fields!ReviewType.Value <>"Rework Queue" and Fields!ReviewType.Value <>"ConditionsReview"),Iif(Fields!StatusDate.Value<Today(),"Salmon","PaleGreen"),"")

These three work.  How do I join them into one?
Scott WilliamsData AnalystAuthor Commented:
I see now.  The last false part is only needed once when all three statements are joined.

Here is my final working statement.
=Iif(Fields!ReviewType.Value="ConditionsReview",Iif((Lookup(Fields!LoanPriority.Value,Fields!Loan_Priority.Value, Fields!Date.Value, "UnderwritingConditions"))>Fields!StatusDate.Value,"Salmon","PaleGreen"),
Iif(Fields!ReviewType.Value="Rework Queue",Iif((Lookup(Fields!LoanPriority.Value,Fields!Loan_Priority.Value, Fields!Date.Value, "UnderwritingConditions"))>Fields!StatusDate.Value,"Salmon","PaleGreen"),
Iif((Fields!ReviewType.Value <>"Rework Queue" and Fields!ReviewType.Value <>"ConditionsReview"),Iif(Fields!StatusDate.Value<Today(),"Salmon","PaleGreen"),"")))
Scott WilliamsData AnalystAuthor Commented:
Thanks for setting me in the right direction!
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