My customer has email hosting with Godaddy,he has issues sending emails .
I did a blacklist lookup and their IP is listed on about 15 different places.
Godaddy is telling me I need to remove the listings myself.

I had a similar issue with Register hosted emails services,but they knew that they had a bad block of IP's and moved the mail services to other IP's.

This smells of passing the buck.

Any feedback?
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You get your IP address from the domain registrar or from your ISP.  Whoever gives you your domain (and so IP address) is responsible for clearing the IP address for you to use if you have not caused the problem.

If you (your user) is sending out spam because of a virus on their computer(s) you need to fix this first before your ISP or registrar can help you.
pgm554Author Commented:
The problem is Godaddy has many email domains associated with a single public IP addresses.

So my clearing that IP address means nothing if theirs a couple of hundred other mailservers using it too.

As far as I can tell ,they have come nowhere near their relay limit of 250 per day.

I've had Register shut down single email boxes from being able to send through their server.

I've seen other major ISP's (Verizon),do the same.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
So long as you / your customer is not sending spam (and you can reasonably prove this). then you need to escalate with Go Daddy.
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pgm554Author Commented:
Godaddy says it's my problem.
The person I talked to said they talked to a supervisor and it was not their problem.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If you have sole possession of the IP address, I could agree with them. If multiple users (not known to you) use the same IP, you cannot be held responsible - you do not know them.

I would go back again and determine if you can be released from Go Daddy and go somewhere reasonable.

Just be VERY sure you / your customer are not the issue.
pgm554Author Commented:
I've got other registrars (Register and Network Solutions)I could move to temporarily as I am going to move them to a Exchange server in the next month or two.

From the CBL listing.

IP Address is listed in the CBL. It shows signs of being infected with a spam sending trojan, malicious link or some other form of botnet.

It was last detected at 2015-06-29 21:00 GMT (+/- 30 minutes), approximately 2 hours, 30 minutes ago.

This IP is infected (or NATting for a computer that is infected) with a spambot we have not yet been able to identify. For the time being we refer to it as the unknown1895 spambot.

This IP is infected (or NATting for a computer that is infected) with a spam-sending infection. In other words, it's participating in a botnet. If you simply remove the listing without ensuring that the infection is removed (or the NAT secured), it will probably relist again.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I have a client with Network Solutions for domain services and zero issues with them.
pgm554Author Commented:
>Last detected 2015-06-29 21:00 GMT

No machines from this company were online then.
If go daddy is like most host provider ( I use Hostmonster) they give you dedicated IP number for your website but their mail servers use a different set of IP numbers as a pool of outbound mail servers.  So anyone sending spam can get those number blocked and they will stay block for 24 hours after the spam has stopped.  I ended up setting up my own outbound mail server in our office just to eliminate this.  
You can do it in about 30 minutes with any windows machine.  I use mailenable's free version.
pgm554Author Commented:
It looks as if the email sending issue (Iphone 6) is related to a new iphone.
It works when connected when sending over the local wireless,but not when sending over the cell provider.
Tried 3 different smtpout  gateways and it appears as if the iphone has a radio problem.

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pgm554Author Commented:
Verizon issue
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