I need to estimate billable time to run forest prep & domain prep for an Exchange 2013 install...

The domain controller is 2012 essentials, there is 2012 std DC, and the Exchange machine is 2012R2 Std.
I need to estimate how long each step will take. All servers are connected to a Gb switch & they're all less than 2 years old.
I understand that it "should" take about a half hour each for FP & DP, and I figure another hour to actually install exchange itself, but I have not done an install like this since 2007, so I'm a bit rusty.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Amit KumarCommented:
You can run both process back to back and it can take 10-30 mins. After completing both process you can do force replicate if this is single site DC, in case you have multisite infra then wait for 24 hours to get replicated to entire forest.

Make sure once you complete FP then hit a force AD replication.
F PCommented:
Your billing cost should not be estimated from the time it takes, rather from your preparation. Honestly to make sure you don't screw it up and plan for if it does get screwed up will take you longer than the 1 hour max to run prep, run it, and verify it didn't break anything before handing it back over for production. 1 hour to verify and do the work, while a solid 2-3 of prep.

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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
As per Microsoft article, it should take only 60 mins.


AD/FP will be done automatically when you run the setup, so don't need to run separately.
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