Passing a string variable to Excel Slicer.selected() errors

Hi All;
I'm using VB6 and want to set the value in a slicer on an .xls sheet.
If I use this code:
'first, set Slicer_Date1 to today's date (or passed in date)
    Dim sC As SlicerCache
    Set sC = ActiveWorkbook.SlicerCaches("Slicer_Date1")
    sC.SlicerItems("7/5/2013").Selected = True

It runs as expected.

If I try to replace the "7/5/2013" with a variable however, I get "Run Time error 5 - invalid procedure call or argument" on line 5 below.

1    Dim sDateToUse As String
2    sDateToUse = Format(Now, "m/d/yyyy")
3    Dim sC As SlicerCache
4    Set sC = ActiveWorkbook.SlicerCaches("Slicer_Date1")
5    sC.SlicerItems(sDateToUse).Selected = True

I've tried:
    putting another set of double quotes around sDateToUse
    putting brackets around sDateToUse (found that out on the web somewhere)
    passing sDateToUse in as a date
    forcing sDateToUse = "7/5/2013" to be sure it wasn't a data issue

None of the above work.
Can some one help me ID what I'm missing?
Thanks so much!
k heitzsoftware developerAsked:
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Is the date format in your slicer different from the one in the Pivot table

then change the format to the slicer one

Could you send a dummy?
k heitzsoftware developerAuthor Commented:
Hi Rgonzo ~
The original file is an MS Access field defined as short date.
I made these changes to the variable (see lines 4 and 7)

1  Dim sDateToUse As String
2  Dim dtToUse As Date
3  sDateToUse = Format(Now, "m/d/yyyy")
4  dtToUse = CDate(sDateToUse)
5  Dim sC As SlicerCache
6  Set sC = ActiveWorkbook.SlicerCaches("Slicer_Date1")
7  sC.SlicerItems(dtToUse).Selected = True

but still get the same error.

What kind of a dummy are you looking for?
If the xls sheet - It's an .xlsb and its very large and attaches to many d/bs and csvs - all proprietary. I can ask the author to generate a dummy though. Can you specify what you'd like on it?

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Just before line 5 pls insert

Debug.Print sC.SlicerItems(1).Name
Debug.Print sC.SlicerItems(2).Name
Debug.Print sC.SlicerItems(sC.SlicerItems.Count).Name

and tell me what you see in the immediate window when you run the code
k heitzsoftware developerAuthor Commented:
Hi Rgonzo ~
I figured it out! I was trying to use a date that was not in the pivot table because I was setting the date before refreshing the data.
When I refresh first and use an available date this code works:
sDateToUse = "6/29/2015"
Dim sC As SlicerCache
Set sC = ActiveWorkbook.SlicerCaches("Slicer_Date1")
sC.SlicerItems(sDateToUse).Selected = True

I split the points.
Thanks for your help!

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k heitzsoftware developerAuthor Commented:
If there is no matching data in the pivot table the Error 5 will be thrown.
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