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Out of interest, what are the most common database server software you have installed in your environments. I have seen a lot of SQL Server and Oracle, are they generally perceived as the most common, or are there any others you find quite often where you work? the vast majority of our servers are windows but there are a few linux as well.
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Here is the list

Oracle -- unbreakable data delivery and fierce corporate competition.

SQL Server -- Ease of use, availability and tight Windows operating system.

IBM DB2  --    Big into data centers --  runs on windows , linus and mainframs,

SAP Sybase ASE  --  Transaction processing space

PostgreSQL  -- Open-source online gaming applications, data center automation suites
                          and domain registries.
MariaDB  -- Open source, driven by MySQL community

MySQL -- Suits  Web applications (  Oracle took over this now)

Ingres -- Lowers total cost of ownership

Teradata -- Big Data analytics, business intelligence (BI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Informix  - Intelligent and handles Internet of Things (IoT) mostly used in educational

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I use this page to check rankings:   The top 3 are Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server.  They are far above the rest.

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