Angular Js, call two functions with ng-click in different controllers

I have two buttons, both sit in different views and different controllers.

test1.cshtml -
<button ng-click="SaveToMyArea()" >Save to my area</button>

test2.cshtml -
<button ng-click="Save()">Save</button>

controller.js -
controller.controller("AppController", function ($scope, ExchangeService, $rootScope) {
      $scope.SaveToMyArea = function () {
        location.href = g_config.Urls.SaveToMyArea;

controller.controller("ActionController", function ($scope, $routeParams, $route, ActionService, ActionHelperService, $timeout, ExchangeService, $location, $rootScope, $translate) {
      $scope.Save = function () {
        var data = ActionHelperService.ConvertToSaveData($scope.Data);      

        ActionService.setAction($scope.actionId, $scope.type, data, $scope.Data, function () {
            $scope.Original = angular.copy($scope.Data);



Both buttons work fine individually. What I would like to do is to trigger both the 'Save' and 'SaveToMyArea' function when the SaveToMyArea button is clicked, how can I achieve this?
So it will Save, then SaveToMyArea.

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Alexandre SimõesManager / Technology SpecialistCommented:
Controllers should not have dependencies between them.
If you have common logic, create a factory and move those functions there.
Like this you can simply reference the factory on both controllers.

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Al4ddin2Author Commented:
Hi thanks,

What I ended up doing was achieving this by creating some 'on' listeners and broadcasting a message between controllers.

Alexandre SimõesManager / Technology SpecialistCommented:
Although it works, events are more expensive and they don't isolate the code in a reusable way.
The second consequence of that approach is that you won't be able to test your common code, which you should (or at least write it in a way that it's testable).

In Angular, whenever you need to share functionality, you should create a Factory or Service.

Controllers (as in any MVC architecture) should serve the single purpose of gluing the business logic and with the UI.
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