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Create A drop Down Menu in Excel 2013

I have a spreadsheet with currently 2 sheet.  I'm trying to create a dropdown list of memebers in a group.  I have about 20 groups with different members attached.  I get to the point where I go to Data Validation source.  I want my members on a seperate sheet and the dropdown to reflect the members in a column on that second sheet.  I can't figure out how to define.  It doesn't allow you to point to that sheet?  I'm sure there's a formula but how do you define a range on a 3rd spreadsheet??
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Which version of Excel are you using? If it's Excel 2007 or later then take a look at this example that I made for another question here. It uses a Table as a source for the Lists, making the list dynamic, i.e. it will expand as members are added. Another drop down will allow selection of the group and then automatically change the list for that group. It just needs a little effort setting up. Have a look at the example and attach a dummy workbook if you want help adapting the idea.
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Its a really pain but it works.
You don't need to actually create a named Range in the newer versions of Excel, you can just place the range address in the List box, e.g.