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If we have a GPO and we want another GPO to overwrite the settings of another GPO if it is different, what is the best way to link it in the GPMC?

We were given a GPO with settings from our security group but we need our GPO to apply as well. So how would I link to a OU?
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GPO's apply based on a hiearacy. The order is below...
- Local Policies
- Site
- Domain
- Organizational Unit's

If you have 2 policies applied to the same OU and they need to be applied specifically for different users and you cannot move the users to a different OU or you simply don't want to, you need to modify the Security Filtering on both of the Policies.

Group1 = Policy1
Group2 = Policy2

These policies will only apply to the users that are part of the security group based on the Security Filtering you have set.

Something else that is similar is Group Policy Ordering at the OU level. When you click the OU in Group Policy Management Console you will see a Linked Group Policy Object Tab.

From there you can use the up and down arrows to move the policies around. The last one to apply wins and will over write settings from previous applied policies If the policies applied to the user based on the Security Filter (as well). Link Order 1 = last to be applied.


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