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Microsoft Information Store won't start (MS Server 2008 R2)


We had an unexpected shutdown on our email server. Upon reboot, the Information Service was not running. When I attempted to restart I got an error "Windows could not start the Microsoft Exchange Information Service". I then when to regedit and typed MSExchangeADTopology into the Depend on Pane and rebooted. That did not fix the problem and we still have no email access.
Any assistance would be appreciated!
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The Info Store server will not start if the following are true...
- your log files have no more drive space left
- your EDB file does not have any more drive space left
- your EDB file is in a dirty shut down state

Run the following
Eseutil /mh (check if the database is in a dirty state) if it is proceed
Eseutil /r first (if this does not get the database out of Dirty Shutdown) proceed
Eseutil /p (this is a hard repair and should only be done as a last restort)

If ESE does not correct this database then I would recommend using Kernel Data Receovery for Exchange server

This software will do a low level repair of the database without losing data.

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Hello Will,

When I ran Eseutil /mh in cmd I got the error missing database/filename specification.
When I ran Eseutil /r it came back Usage Error missing logfile basename specification and lastly
When I ran Eseutil /r it came back Usage Error missing source database specification.

How should I proceed?
Sorry i just gave you the command you need to run. You still need to specify the database path

eseutil.exe /mh "c:\database.edb"
eseutil.exe /p "c:\database.edb"
eseutil.exe /r /l "c:\logs" /d "c:\database"

What you did with regedit? You might need to reinstall this server again, with recover switch.