SharePoint 2010 Library Tools and List Tools tabs not automatically showing when I open a page

When I open a page from the Quick Launch section some of the pages open up showing the items in the list or library but do not already have the Library/List Tools tabs showing.
I have tried to have the tab menus showing and then copied the URL and edited the Site Settings : Quick Launch : Edit Navigation Link.
For some lists and libraries this works, but for others it does not and I have to select an item's check box to make the tabs appear.
What do I need to do.

Thanks for your time
Neil RandallAsked:
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Hi Nelmo,

I am confused about your question. Let me share my understanding- when you navigate to any page, you are not able to view the ribbon controls by default, is it correct?

If my understanding is correct, it has something to do with the logged in user's permission. You can try the following blog for more details: (works well for 2010 as well)

Neil RandallAuthor Commented:
Thanks Dhawal

Your understanding is correct.
It is not, however, a permission issue. I am the Intranet Owner with full permissions.

Both of the links in your comment direct me to a setting:
Site Actions -> Navigation -> Show and Hide Ribbon Setting.
This does not exist in SharePoint 2010 (I wish it did, I think that might solve the problem).

An example of my problem from my test site is as follows:

When I open up the HSE Plans & Reports. The page opens displaying the list of documents and the ribbon bar

When I open the RAMS Signature page then the list of documents is there but no Ribbon bar

If I select the check box to the side of the document the Ribbon bar appears

Both pages (as all the lists and libraries on this site) have been created the same. There are no special permissions.

I would just like the pages to open showing the Ribbon bar so the user does not have to select a document in the list to make it appear.

Thanks again

It looks like your RAMS signature page may be a web part page, whilst your HSE Plans & Reports page is a standard document library.

If so then is by design.  Only when a ribbon active control is focused will it show the ribbon.


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Neil RandallAuthor Commented:
Thanks colly

Looking at a few of my pages (that do not have a small text web part at the top of the page) I find they all show the Library/List tool tabs. Those pages with the web part do not.
This web part was just a small help/instruction section, trying to get the users to upload files in a structured way, that they saw on opening the page.
Good blog from Glyn Clough identifying my problem. I will look at more of his site.

Now to find a better way (other than yet another system manual) to quickly help users as they open each page.  

Thanks again
Neil RandallAuthor Commented:
I should have thought of this before, but now having to remove the web parts from what should be simple lists & libraries made me think - how do I get simple help & instructions to the users.
Solution: create a Site Page and link the URL to the headings of each section in the Quick Launch. Simple, neat solution.
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