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Quickbooks crashes when changing the selection of Active Customers to All Customers

So this small office (5 users) recently upgraded (from 2014) to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 15.0.  

Apparently this has been a problem for the four networked users, but now the host as well will crash QB when changing "Active Customers" to "All Customers" and the Windows Error Reporting will give the Exception Code c0000005.

I've tried deleting the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file and renaming the QBWUSER.INI file (found these suggestions in the QB user community), but no change.  Of course, I've done all Windows updates and rebooted, but no joy.

I tried the same operation with a sample file, and quickbooks did not crash then.

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That's next on my to do list.  Am waiting for the users to finish for the day, though.

I thought I had stated that the problem had been around for quite some time, but not for the host PC (server).  After the upgrade to QBES15, even the host crashes (in multi-user mode with no one else on it).

FWIW, I tried running the QB File Doctor while everyone was off for a bit - it came up with no problems.

Will update after a rebuild.
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John, it was reassuring to see you here again!

So I was also seeking help from the Intuit/QB communities' forum and got the same advice, except I was instructed to verify/rebuild it twice.

Well, verify would fail as it would report "A data problem prevents Quickbooks from continuing.  Solution:  Rebuild your data now."  And the rebuild would report "Your data contains duplicate list elements.  Please view qbwin.log...."  So I repeated both verify & rebuild two more times, with the same results reported.

After the 3rd rebuild, I tried the All Customers and it did not crash - it showed all customers!

So thanks for your input.  I am a bit concerned about the duplicate list elements and have an Intuit guide for dealing with those, if necessary.  Do you think it is necessary?  The owners of the data are not as picky as me.
I ... have an Intuit guide for dealing with duplicate elements, if necessary.  Do you think it is necessary?

Strictly no, but I were in your shoes, I would probably take the time to remove duplicate elements. That prevents them from coming back later.   Thanks.