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Our company uses a .aspx webpage to provide access to a tool called the LIFO calculator. We are moving over to an Apache Linux based server with our migration to wordpress, and are aware we will be loosing the ability to publish the LIFO calculator in its current .aspx form. With our IT guy now being part-time/semi-retired, we were trying to get a feel of what the time commitment would likely be for completing such a rewrite in .php form. I have our IT guys word that he would be able to write the new .php code, but he has no idea how long that may take. He is the same person whom originally created the LIFO Calculator, so he is familiar with the inner-workings of the LIFO Calculator. Could someone familiar with the process of writing .php code based on .aspx language provide a rough estimate of what the time commitment may be (in form of hours; i.e. 50, 200 etc.) for completing this task? I've attached the LIFO Calculators .aspx source code saved in a .txt file. NOTE:
I'm not asking for an analysis of the fact that our current .aspx page has compatibility issues. That fact is known, and will cease to exist if/when the site is converted to a .php page. There are instructions that I CLEARLY pointed out and provided a link that shows step-by-step instruction on how to make the LIFO calculator properly display. What I am asking for is this:
 Is there a general idea on how much time it would require our in-house IT staff (1 person) to take the current .aspx site and write it as a .php page?
If you wanted to view the actual LIFO Calculator page on our site, visit this link (note: follow the Compatibility view settings instructions to ensure the page properly displays. There are two important settings that have to be modified in your internet browser for the page to properly load.): http://lifopro.com/CalculatorCompatibility.html
Lee RichardsonOwner & PresidentAsked:
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Ray PaseurCommented:
Isn't there a server-side script located at action="LIFOWebCalculatornew.aspx" that does the computations?  That might be a good thing to show us.
F PCommented:
The fact you're moving to Wordpress is going to increase the time. You're asking someone to wrap their mind around someone else's thought process without having nearly as good of an idea as they do on what's behind it. I converted an entire site from .NET C# AND VB.NET with MSSQL, to SSRS and ASP.NET and MSSQL, to finally PHP and MySQL. This page has done it 3x over, and it was way faster to use PHP, but then again I used CodeIgniter....


... old site, runs way better and that's a full on Business Intelligence and reporting application. That said, your app is better off being written in Javascript since it's only required to be on the frontend end user. If you wanted to make it PHP, you'd want to handle it with a RESTful api and Ajax most likely. provided you have a well documented algorithm with that calculator, e.g., someone could look at the code and say, ok it needs to do this and follow the route here to handle changes here.... I would say it shouldn't cost you more than ~15 hours of work including testing and QA. You could probably find a frontend person to do it cheaper and have a better UI/UX without going crazy on the backend.

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Lee RichardsonOwner & PresidentAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your post, Frank.
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Ray PaseurCommented:
You should hire Frank to do it.  At $100 per hour for 15 hours, you'll get the work done for $1,500.  In my opinion that would be a good deal and you should look no further!
F PCommented:
Honestly the longest part of it is the QA.
F PCommented:
.... but thanks Ray!
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