Workarounds for PivotTable Cannot ShowDetails When Multiple Filters Are Applied

I am receiving this error:Capture.JPGMy Situation (I'm building a dashboard and analytical tool):
1. Using PowerPivot to Import Data into the DataModel
2. Cleaning the data and creating calculated columns in a linked EXCEL table* then sending the data back into PowerPivot as a "TableCleanData"**
3. Building my PivotTables and Pivot Charts using Pivots whose data source is TableCleanData
4. Connecting slicers to the fields in TableCleanData to filter my Pivots

I was unaware that I wouldn't be able to view/drilldown/showdetails on Pivot's Data after more than one slicer/filter was applied. I'm looking for a workaround. I can think of one in my head, but I'm not sure its best. If it is the best I'll still need help with the VBA.

Workaround A: Base my Pivots off of my linked Excel table instead of the "CleanDataTable" in PP's DataModel. Connect the Slicers to the Excel Table (not the Pivots) then call a Macro to update all of the Pivots any time a slicer is executed against the Excel Table. This way if I ever want to view the data being displayed I would just have to go to a worksheet where the linked table exists and the table would be filtered by the slicers.  

Workaround B: ???? EDIT: not sure if this is possible, but some sort of Slicer linking/synchronization; ala Slicer A that is connected to TableCleanData in PP syncs its filtering options with Slicer B which is connected to the Excel Table.

*I am cleaning in Excel for a several reasons, I do not know DAX very well, and because I'm using custom functions written in VBA to clean the Data, which as far as I know I can't convert for use in PP's DataModel
**If it makes a difference the data consists of 27,000 cells, about 1/2 of those are calculated columns or use the aforementioned VBA.
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-PolakAuthor Commented:
For anyone experiencing the same error while trying to ShowDetails on a PivotTable/Chart connected to an OLAP data source after a great degree of difficulty I went with Workaround B.

Basically, I pass any slicer selections made on the OLAP datasource to identical slicers connected to a regular Excel Table. On my Pivot Charts I place a icon that looks like a Magnetic Disk where user's can click to "Get Data". The Icon simply activates the worksheet where the regular excel table resides and has been filtered by the connected non-OLAP slicers. For the code to pass selections made on an OLAP slicer to Non-OLAP slicers I described that struggle in this question: Linking Slicers with different Data Sources

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