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Comcast Cable Modem Mimick Bridge Mode

I have an older SMC cable modem with comcast.  Trying to configure it so that my sonicwall configured with DDNS can identify my public IP.
Anyone know any tricks to accomplish this?

Comcast insists that I have to purchase a static IP.  I don't agree.

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Matt Kmety

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I was thinking I could set a DMZ to point at my sonicwall.  DDNS is picking up the IP of my router WAN port instead of the public ip of  the Modem.  But DDNS on the sonicwall doesn't know the WAN port on the modem?

i'm guessing this is bridge mode.   But thinking I could trick it somehow.
I was off track a bit.  I DMZ'd the cable modem to my sonicwall.  Set the DDNS agent to pull the address from the DNS service instead of polling the WAN port.  problem solved.

Thanks for your input.