Can history files in C:\Users\*user*\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WebCache be deleted?

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This is the second time I have asked this question. THIS IS NOT THE BROWSER CACHE, the files are in the log files in the
directory? I feel these files are an evasion of privacy, anyone stealing my computer has that history to help them figure out how use my info for fraud. I use webroot and it cleans all the temp files and other files each time before I shut down.
Hopefully ........ Gaks
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Try CCleaner (the free version) and see if it can.

Or Privazer as well.

Testing:  CCleaner (the free version) doesn't do it.   Ended up with a 30 Mb file instead of a 21 Mb file.  And that was using an Administrator account to rename the folder.  Logging out and back in as a user found the folder recreated with the old files back and now a 30 Mb cache file.

Privazer does it.  Get the portable edition.  Run it and pick what you want it to do.  Let it do it's scan.  It'll give you a list of ticked choices that it will clean up if you want it to clean your system.  Untick everything except the index.dat and webcache option.  Leave that ticked and let it do it's stuff.

You'll still end up with a folder full of files.  Depends on options you choose in IE I think.  But the WebCache file went down to 8,454,144 bytes from the 30 Mb swollen monster.  And the contents of the other log files seem to have zeroed or changed.

Examine the files in Administrator mode with a hex editor and determine if the data you didn't want shown has gone.

If it has then Privazer is what you want.

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