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Help with Safe@Office 500 ADSL

Hi, im trying to get a CCTV unit working on a sage@office 500 router.

In security there are a number of rules for the exchange server but what ever i try doesnt work

The logs arent very informative and just like my external IP a port of 57308 and the external IP address of the safe@office router

Im not sure what else to try??
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David Johnson, CD
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did you also configure the NAT rules?
The CCTV camera on port 57308 is it located on the internet (wan) or on your local network.. and where do you want to access it? You also probably have to set an outbound allow as well as an inbound allow.

Firewalls usually have a default first rule that is processed that is either deny all except for the following conditions or in the rare occassion allow all except the following.
see page 423 of
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The problem wasn't with the firewall rules, it was with the IP setting son the CCTV unit