How to search text contents within a file in Windows 8 using FIND or FINDSTR or other tools

We have a series of text files with non-text character, but it's still a text file.  By non-text character we mean ─  ┼  ┴  █  ┐└  █  ═.

We need to search them and find specific values.  We want it to display each line that it appears.  We tried FIND and FINDSTR but to no avail.  For some reason it display only one occurrence.  We tried the arguments of each, but can't seem to make it display the reality.  Yes if we have a regular ascii file, FIND and FINDSTR works as we want.

So, we have included an example of the text file.  You will noticed that it has 3 "" 5 times.  Yet it never display results.

We also downloaded 'SearchMyFiles' from, but it only display one line.

Please advice where are we faulting or any other simple tool that you can recommended.

We have uploaded a second text file p2.txt.  When running FIND and FINDSTR, only the last is displayed (we don't know why).
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NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
I'm not following you. When I do
find "" p.txt

Open in new window shows:

---------- P.TXT  (1rst appearance)  (2nd  appearance)  (3rd  appearance)  (4th  appearance)  (5th  appearance)

Open in new window

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rayluvsAuthor Commented:
That is exactly what we have... Ok, let me check
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
Yes you are correct.  Strange, the files we uploaded is an extract of large text files.  Some files has 25 occurrence and some files has 10 or less, but the result is always the same; is lower than what actually is.  We thought it was the special characters  ─  ┼  ═  ┴  █  ┐└ , but it seems not.

Ok lets see how we can reduce the size and contents so we can upload it.

By the way, what could cause FIND and FINDSTR to NOT display all occurrences of the search criteria?
>> ... the special characters  ─  ┼  ═  ┴  █  ┐└   ...

That rather depends on which coded character set you are assuming.

Most (all?) of the non-ASCII characters in the files are within the 'extended-ASCII' code-point range; for example, within the p2.txt file, and assuming use of the Windows Latin-1 (CP 1252) coded character set:

hex and character (CP-1252) display of part of p2.txt file
... or assuming use of Code Page 437:

hex and character (CP-437) display of part of p2.txt file
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay, been super sick but back to work!

As for this question, for some reason it seem to work FIND and FINDSTR.

So we will proceed to close the question and award accordingly,

Thanx for your patience.
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