Call Forwarding - UC560

Just wondering if anyone knows how to configure a call forwarding in UC560.  I have a main office extension say 100 and it is currently set to call-foward busy and nonann to a number say 299.  I tried changing that using the CCA (Cisco Configuration Assistance) tool to 914155558888 but it just rings.  I am reviewing the config now and see that 299 seems to have a voice translation rule (several actually) and here they are:

voice translation-rule 2000
 rule 1 /4085551213 /299/

dial-peer voice 2000 voip
  translation-profile outgoing XFER_TO_VOICEM_PROFILE
 destination-pattern 299
 session protocol sipv2
 session target ipv4:x.x.x.x
 voice-class sip outbound-proxy ipv4:x.x.x.x
 dtmf-relay rtp-nte
 codec g711ulaw
 no vad

I think I didn't have the dial-peer or dial-pattern configured.  So should I configured new dial-pattern and dail-peer for 400 (a new number) and say I want it to forward it to 914155558888, what is the destination pattern?

Is anything else needed for this?

LateNaiteCEO and FounderAsked:
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If you want to forward something back out, you need to make sure you have removed the issue from denying.

If something has go to VM, you can not also forward it back out.
Oh, usually, 100 ar special group numbers.
LateNaiteCEO and FounderAuthor Commented:
Well, eventually we will get rid of the VM forwarding and just have them forward to the other office on the days that they are closed.  Also, we want a button on their main phone so that they can press if they want the option to forward to the other office and if they push that button to deactivate, the forward to VM will be selected.

Not sure what you mean by the 100 ar special group numbers.

And what do you mean by making sure that I hvae removed the issue from denying?
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That is the issue, if there is a VM forwarding defined no other forwarding will work. As it will be seen in conflict.
The outgoing connection will not by default allow a call coming in from being forwarded back out which it seems your forwarding does.
Using ca look at the outgoing trunk configuration to allow an incoming call to be forwarded back out to an external number. This type will effectively tie in two connections.
LateNaiteCEO and FounderAuthor Commented:
I have the following set:

 call-forward busy 91408xxxxxxx
 call-forward noan 91408xxxxxxx timeout 20

It just rings and rings...

It is not set to voicemail at this point. Any other suggestions?
20 seconds is about 8 rings before transfer.
change it to 10 or 15seconds

The question is actually whether it is an issue on the outgoing side meaning no one on the other end is picking up.
Test first with your mobile phone as the forwarded number to make sure your UC can forward incoming calls back out.
The way it works the incoming call is terminated on the UC, then a second ooutgoing call is initiated to the number when the other side picks up, the calls go/flow through the UC.
LateNaiteCEO and FounderAuthor Commented:
It worked but it dropped after the other end picked up.  It didn't drop with my cell phone so I wonder if it is on the other office's end.  I will try making the same setting on their UC560 as they want it forwarded to this office also but let's see if the drops occurs.

Let me know if you know what the issue may be with the drop calls.
It will drop when the other side seems like it is going to voicemail, third forward.

If you call from your cell, and carefully listen, do you hear a click when the call falls through and is being forwarded on  the ther end to voicemail, etc.
LateNaiteCEO and FounderAuthor Commented:
ok, if I dial external from my cell phone to it, it goes to voicemail instead of call forwarding to the number programmed.  not sure why.  if I can dial internally from the office, it forwards but calls get dropped.
LateNaiteCEO and FounderAuthor Commented:
when i dial from my cell phone to number, i don't hear a click but it goes to voicemail.
LateNaiteCEO and FounderAuthor Commented:
ok, if i dial the main office extension from the office, the forwarding seems to work just fine.  But when I dial the direct number for the main office from my cell phone, it goes to voicemail.  So there seems to be a different programming area for when dialing from outside.
LateNaiteCEO and FounderAuthor Commented:
ok I fixed the issue when the forwarding from when i called from my cell phone.  now the calls just gets drops after hearing the voicemail or when the other person picks up.
LateNaiteCEO and FounderAuthor Commented:
I don't hear a click but maybe a sligt pause before it goes to voicemail.
LateNaiteCEO and FounderAuthor Commented:
When I tried forwarding the number to a test number (office phone) and I can hear the voicemail just fine…

It is just forwarding to the other office that gets drops, I wonder if there is something else with the configuration that is mixed up with the forwarding number, since they also have extension dialing.
Is the other office tied via a sip peer or is it treated like any other external destination?
LateNaiteCEO and FounderAuthor Commented:
Not sure.  One of my team members think they may be out of transcoder resources or it could be that Comcast is not allowing the call forwarding...we are planning to continue next week.
The provider can not distinguish between the calls. Only your UC can restrict whether an incoming call can turn around and be forwarded out yo an external number.  If the two locations are tied via a a dedicated separate dial peer, check whether you need to strip the incoming caller ID before connecting to the remote....
LateNaiteCEO and FounderAuthor Commented:
Ok, I don't see a dial peer to the long distance number to the other office but there is a dial-peer for the extension at the other office.

The call gets forwarded just fine.  Just after about 2 seconds after the caller picks up (or when it gets to voicemail after it gets forwarded to the other end), it drops the call.  

Perhaps it is a transcoder issue?
If you have a dedicated location to location tie in, your forwarding should go through that versus through the outgoing phone company.  You can have a pattern match on the peer I.e. To be sent through the dedicated peer first
LateNaiteCEO and FounderAuthor Commented:
Ok, I set it to forward to the 822XX (which is the extension to the other office) and it says there is no mailbox set up for it.  It didn't drop me so that is good but how can i make it go to voicemail like they way it works if you dial the outside number directly to that office.
do you have a way to debug the remote side when the number is being transferred?
LateNaiteCEO and FounderAuthor Commented:
Yeah, i can do that.
LateNaiteCEO and FounderAuthor Commented:
Weird, from the debug, it seems to say there is no call entry.  But i know for a fact that if they are at the office, they can dial extension 8220X to get to the other office.
LateNaiteCEO and FounderAuthor Commented:
We had to revert back and it seemed like things were working but now, when calling the other office by dial the 91408..number, the other user picks up and the calls get dropped.  When dialing the internal extension, it works fine.

Do you know why it might be?   Here is the reason that I am seeing:

CSeq: 1 BYE

Reason: Q.850;cause=16
Tracing deals with whether it is going exter.........
LateNaiteCEO and FounderAuthor Commented:
Ok- thanks for all the assistance so far.

The issue that still exists now, after we were able to get call forwarding done from site A to site B but as soon as the caller on the other end picks up, it drops.  It drops if the call is being forwarded to the internal dial # or the external number (91408..).  It doesn't drop when the other office Site B's calls are being forwarded to Site A.

Also, calls also get dropped just by dialing either the internal dialing or the DID external dialing number 91408....  

I think if we can determine why calls gets dropped when calling Site B from Site A, the call forward will work just fine.

Any suggestions for this?

I have captured a 'debug ccapi voice all'  for these test calls:

calling internal #
calling the 91408..
calling the 91408 from cell phone

but not really sure what to look for..
thanks much in advance,
Check the translation rules on site A as well as on site B dealing with the voice call path.

The issue when site B forwards to site A, the call terminates such that the response is going through the same path that the call came in on.

IN your case site A to site B, the response is going over a different path, terminating the call.

does site B to SiteA remove/change the callingID?
LateNaiteCEO and FounderAuthor Commented:
They are going to change phone systems as they had issue with calls dropping before.

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Have any comments I made help to come to this conclusion/decision??
What is the system on the other side?
LateNaiteCEO and FounderAuthor Commented:
Well, they are both running on UC560 and have dial peers to each other. Initially, they want both offices to be able to forward to each other when they are not there, which will create a loop. So now, it can only be done one way. But when they forward to from Site A to Site B, calls drops when the other person picks up.  Not the other way around..Not sure what it is. They were thinking of replacing the systems.

Do let me know if I can make any suggestions to them.  I do not want to misconfigure anything but will leave it up to them if they want to continue.

Thanks in advance, LN
How are the peer to peer configuration differ?
voice-translation rules patterns as well as calling/called handling.
destination IPs.

Best option is to check with Cisco TAC to have this looked at.
Check acl rules if any, assisted a while back to a UC560 that any calls from outside to voicemail would drop as soon as the VM transferred to the cue for recording.
the person identified an ACL that caused that.
Compare the ACLs on the UCs to make sure they have similar rules for the different/respective segments.
LateNaiteCEO and FounderAuthor Commented:
Changing phone system
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