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Hard Disk Replacement with Raid 0 or 1

I have a windows server that is running raid 0/1 for the root directory. One of the disks has died and needs replacing. But I can't get the same sized disk. If I replace it with a larger disk as I under stand it the disk will work ok but will only format to the size of the original hard disk.
This that correct?
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I should add that you need to check with mfg of the controller which HDDs AND FIRMWARE they have qualified.
If your system is still running after one drive failure then it is RAID1 (sure if only two drives are there). And yes, it takes the space from bigger drive which is identical to the size of smallest drive in RAID.
Take backup of existing configuration - replace all drives to bigger ones of the same size and restore over new configuration.
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Agree with dlethe.  Recent RAID controllers are smarter than older ones and you can get away with more when it comes to swapping drives.  Some older controllers can deal only with identical drives, or drive models specifically qualified by the RAID manufacturer, or drives of specific firmware levels.  These get to be difficult to support after only a few years when those drives are no longer made and have to be sourced on fleabay.

Also read the controller's documentation and find out how to do a failed drive replacement.  It is not always as simple as plug in the replacement and go.