Building cUrl in Windows v7.43.0

I downloaded v7.43.0 of cUrl for WIndows, opened it in Visual Studio 13 and started building the lib folder contents for both baseline .lib and dll and .lib and dll for the openSSL version.  The compiler reports that it can't find the openssl/ssl.h file/directory.  In the Project Files/Additional Include Directories there is a specific reference to a openssl folder but there is no openssl folder in the downloaded material.  It's like they forgot to put it in.  I am unable to find any reference to where to find such a folder or file.  Has any one else dealt with this problem and if so how was it resolved?  Thanks.
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evilrixSenior Software Engineer (Avast)Commented:
LibCurl, like many other open source libraries, has dependencies on other librarys. In this case, you need to download the source code for the correct version of openssl and extract it to that folder. Check the configuration settings, you can build LibCurl without SSL, so if you don't need it you can just build it without and you will no longer need the openssl library.

There are already pre-compiled binaries for LibCurl, why not just use those?
Just look for "Win32 - Generic" and download a suitable binary.

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trinitrotolueneDirector - Software EngineeringCommented:
It's like they forgot to put it in
Unlikely. Openssl is a popular Open source library. Some developers intentionally leave it out but mention it as a dependency. Check which version of OpenSSL is used by the version of Libcurl you intend using.
Ofcourse it is pointless using an older version of OpenSSL unless you want to expose yourself to vulnerabilities which may have been fixed in later versions

So as evilrix mentioned download OpenSSL from here or use the Libcurl binary directly
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