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Google Apple Push Certificate expired

I am trying to enable iOS device management.  For that Google says that I need to setup an Apple Push Certificate.
Apple says the Google certificate is expired!
- in Google Admin I do: Device management -> Mobile -> Set up Apple Push Certificate
- download the file google_ios_push_certificate.csr
- sign in to Apple Push Certificate Portal and select to "Create a New Push Certificate"
- I then upload the file above as requested
--> Apple responds "Certificate Signature Verification failed because the signing certificate  is expired."

So how do I get a valid certificate?
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Ankit Pareek
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You are following the correct method to create a new certificate
Hey, once try to renew your certificate may
To renew the certificate, sign in to your Admin console and navigate to Device Management > Mobile > Manage Apple Push Certificate > Renew Apple Push Certificate.
and download again renew certificate try to upload this one
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Can you post a screenshot of the set up apple push certificate screen?
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I ran the exact same steps as yesterday (this time taking screenshots) and strangely, this time the Apple Portal accepted the freshly downloaded google_ios_push_certificate.csr
All I can think of is some issue with date/time stamps between Apple and Google between 6/30 and 7/1 (end of month?).
Thank you for your help
I solved the problem myself by rerunning.  But the hint was relevant enough to prompt me to retry.