Stream ISO DVD Videos From Windows Desktop Machine Over WiFi to Android Tablet

Desktop System
 - Windows 7 Ultimate
 - Netgear Router with Wireless
 - Magic ISO (for mounting the files)
 - AT&T DSL Internet service

Other Devices
 - Samsung Note 8 Tablet
 - Laptop running Windows 8

I have some DVD videos stored as ISO files on my Windows desktop hard drive in my home office. I want to stream those videos to my Samsung tablet in another room. The Netgear modem-router is connected to the desktop machine's network card via standard ethernet RJ45 cable. The router emits a WiFi signal by which I am able to stream the internet connection to my laptop, tablet, phone, and Blu-Ray player. On the desktop machine, I am able to mount several ISO files to virtual DVD drives (with unused drive letters, e.g., H through Z) using MagicISO.

I would like to stream those ISO video files over WiFi to my laptop, tablet, or phone.

I need to know how this can be done on my current system.
1. How to get the signal from the ISO's to be sent out over the WiFi.
2. How to receive the signal on the laptop or Android devices.

 - One problem is, those virtual DVD drives are not in "Play" mode.
 - Maybe better is to share the folder on the drive where the ISO's reside. But then, how to mount and play them on an Android device?
Jerry LOperations ManagerAsked:
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In this situation, I'd rather compress all DVD's to a current format (.mp4) and store them in one place.
You WILL lose the menu (and hence the subtitles), but if that's NOT an issue, use Handbrake to convert them all to mp4, have them in folders on the PC. Then have it stream either over SMB (just share the folder), or over uPnP (use a Windows' own implementation, or use third party like xmbc/plex). Android's can pick it up with a uPnP player, or just using SMB (through ES Explorer, combined with MX Player)
Jerry LOperations ManagerAuthor Commented:
Converting to mp4 is not an option. I must keep the iso format, if at all possible. Since this seems to have been clarified as a file SHARING situation rather than WiFi streaming, the question now becomes:

1. How to share multiple DVD drives (from desktop machine) to my Android tablet? Where do I put the video files so the tablet can see them once network sharing (UPnP) is enabled?
2. What software will I need to install on the tablet so it will play any one of those videos? Maybe this will work:
    - GoodPlayer
       - DVD .iso playback supported

- I have UPnP (Network Sharing) enabled on the desktop machine.
- I installed GoodPlayer onto the tablet and select UPnP on it.
- PROBLEM: I can see my PC listed on the tablet, but an error occurs when I tap on it: "500 Internal Server Error"
- When I select the SMB connection option on the tablet running GoodPlayer, it asks for userID and Password.
QUESTION: How do I know what ID and Password to use for the SMB connection? Would it be my WiFi Password, computer password, or ... ? And, is there a way to reset the ID and Password on the desktop machine?
smb username and password is the same as you log into your Windows machine, it's that simple.

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