internal/external website access issues

I have a MS server 2012 R2 with iiS 7,  i have a website on this server, the bindings for the site are to the address of the server (private internal address) I also have a static Internet address and an A recorded pointing to that address X.X.X.236 my router will NAT that address to the address.  He is my issue.... i can access the website from the internet find, but internally i can not.  i can not even at the server, if i type in to IE http://localhost  or or even i get  404 page not found, I get the same with any computer on the inside network.  From the iiS 7 Manager on the browese website side action i get the same 404 error.

can some one shed some light on this for me.

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Emmanuel AdebayoGlobal Windows Infrastructure Engineer - ConsultantCommented:
Is your DNS X.X.X.236 control by you? i.e you manage the DNS from withing your network or from your ISP control panel? .

You will need to set up A or CNAME for your website internally.
Radhakrishnan RSenior Technical LeadCommented:

Is your internal website name same as external? if so, please create an A record named as "www" in the DNS forward lookup zone which pointing to the internal ip address of the web server.

This should resolve the issue.
Mark BillExchange, AD, SQL, VMware, HPE, 3PAR, FUD, Anti MS Tekhnet, Pro EE, #1Commented:
we could also create a forward lookup zone in active directory for the domain name and that would then provide dns resolution

what is happening here is your client pc on the lan is asking your internal active directory dns server to resolve this website name and it does not have a zone to host the record

that is how i would resolve it anyway
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necstechAuthor Commented:
my DNS is managed by me through my isp.

Yes my internal webpage is the same as external one.

there is a A record created in the Active directory pointing to the internal address for the server.

from the server its self, minus the DNS issues i still cant access the web site from the server its self? not name resolution needed at that point.  localhost is a look back internal to the server right?

thanks for all your help, this one is bugging me
Dan McFaddenSystems EngineerCommented:
Can you post a few lines (5 lines above and below the event) from the http logs for the following scenarios:

1.  successful access from external
2. failed access from internal

Also, what is your default page name and extension?

Have you tried to use the wildcard on the binding?

necstechAuthor Commented:
thanks for all your help, issue still persists? opened up a ticket with Microsoft.  they are also stumped.  sorry for the delayed response but had health issues to deal with.

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necstechAuthor Commented:
the issue was mine, i adandoned the questions due to health issues. had to take time off. thanks to all who tried to help!
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