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We've got a domain controller that's become corrupt and it's time for an upgrade anyhow, so we've got a new system to use.  We want to move all existing users, groups, policies, computers - anything and everything - to the new server.

There's plenty of methods to do this, but here's the catch, we want to use the same domain name so we can't have them on the same network and get them talking.

Is there an export/import method to do this?  Or some way I'm not finding to have them both on the network together?
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What do you mean by corrupt? Hardware or OS issue? You don't have another DC in Domain?

Why don't you focus on fixing current DC issue? You cannot migrate user with same domain name. Your need to provide more information.
IvanSystem Engineer

If your current DC is operational, you can always just install new Windows server, join it to a existing domain and then promote to a additional domain controller. That way all the settings from current DC will be replicated to a new one, and then you can demote old one, and remove it from production.

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What is the point of having the same internal FQDN? Also, the ONLY way you are going to be able to transfer objects from one domian to another is using the ADMT. That will allow you to move objects from one domain to another.


There are other software that can also migrate objects like ADMT however they are not cheap and they use the same concepts but it is more automated and user friendly.

I agree with spriggan13, all you need to do is add a new server, join it to the domain, promote it to AD as a DC and all your settings should replicate within minutes.

You can also trigger an immediate replication after the process to verify everything is transferred. after doing that, go to administrative tolls/Users and Computers and you should see all your users listed.  Check the windows logs to make sure everything is running smooth and you should be OK.

If your old server is a 2003 and your forest and domain functional levels are 2003, you shouldn't have to raise them at all if install a 2008 or 2012 server.

Hope this helps!

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