How can I compare/format 2 times in coldfusion?

I am trying to subtract 1 date/time from another and I need to display the time difference in format: 0:00:00:00 that is days:hours:minutes:seconds.

I am using something like the below, but it is formatted like this: 0:0:7:28, I need it formatted like this: 00:00:07:28

If the below method isn't the best way to compare 2 times and display in the format I'm looking for, please recommend another method, thank you.

Thank you.

<cfoutput query="qTheQuery">
<cfset dtFrom = #qTheQuery.Created# />
<cfset dtTo =  #qTheQuery.Completed# />
<cfset sec=DateDiff("s",dtFrom,dtTo)>
<cfset days=int(sec/86400)>
<cfset hours=int((sec-(days*86400))/3600)>
<cfset minutes=int((sec-(days*86400)-(hours*3600))/60)>
<cfset seconds=(sec-(days*86400)-(hours*3600)-(minutes*60))>

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Use NumberFormat() to pad the values with zeroes:

<cfset days= numberFormat(  days, "00") >
<cfset hours=numberFormat( hours, "00") >

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BTW, if you're going to use the logic in multiple places you might want to package it into a function.  There's an existing one called CreateTimeStruct function at cflib. It'll return the same result result, and you can customize it to zero pad (or not) on demand.

<!--- zero pads by default --->
<cfset result = CreateTimeStruct(sec, "s")/>
<cfdump var="#result#">

<!--- turn off zero padding --->
<cfset result = CreateTimeStruct(sec, "s", false)/>
<cfdump var="#result#">

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original udf (with small tweak)

Edit:  Fix missing VAR scope for "key" variable

 * Converts a given number of days, hours, minutes, OR seconds to a struct of days, hours, minutes, AND seconds.
 * @param timespan 	 The timespan to convert. 
 * @return Returns a structure. 
 * @author Dave Pomerance ( 
 * @version 1, January 7, 2002 
function CreateTimeStruct(timespan) {
    var timestruct = StructNew();
    var mask = "s";
    var zeroPad = true;
    var key = "";

    if (ArrayLen(Arguments) gte 2) mask = Arguments[2];
    if (ArrayLen(Arguments) gte 3) zeroPad = Arguments[3];

	// if timespan isn't an integer, convert mask towards s until timespan is an integer or mask is s
	while (Int(timespan) neq timespan AND mask neq "s") {
		if (mask eq "d") {
			timespan = timespan * 24;
			mask = "h";
		} else if (mask eq "h") {
			timespan = timespan * 60;
			mask = "m";
		} else if (mask eq "m") {
			timespan = timespan * 60;
			mask = "s";
	// only 4 allowed values for mask - if not one of those, return blank struct
	if (ListFind("d,h,m,s", mask)) {
		// compute seconds
		if (mask eq "s") {
			timestruct.s = (timespan mod 60) + (timespan - Int(timespan));
			timespan = int(timespan/60);
			mask = "m";
		} else timestruct.s = 0;
		// compute minutes
		if (mask eq "m") {
			timestruct.m = timespan mod 60;
			timespan = int(timespan/60);
			mask = "h";
		} else timestruct.m = 0;
		// compute hours, days
		if (mask eq "h") {
			timestruct.h = timespan mod 24;
			timestruct.d = int(timespan/24);
		} else {
			timestruct.h = 0;
			timestruct.d = timespan;
        if (zeroPad) {
           for (key in timestruct) {
               timestruct[key] = numberFormat(timestruct[key], "00");
	return timestruct;

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earwig75Author Commented:
You're the best, thank you.
Welcome :)
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