how can I install a very light web browser on ubuntu?

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is there a lightwight web browser that i can install ?

something other that a full gnome desktop?
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to use a web browser, you need a graphical environment.
Lynx is a text based web browser.

You need to define how light a web browser and what the system is being used for?  There are several graphical environments available Firefox is available as a browser apt-get install Firefox.
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Sudo apt-get install midori

would install the midori browser, which is very light and still powerful.

Or if you use Kubuntu rather than the slow and crappy Ubuntu, you'd have the Browser included with KDE (I don't remember it's name), but that is also a pretty light-weight browser.
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Do you want to set up the kiosk?
Firefox and Chrom(ium) runs with like 256MB RAM usage in first tab.
Later offloads more processing to GPU, so it is faster on slow CPUs

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