docker I can get the autocomplete to work and fill in the rest of the file name

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I am attempting to working with docker specifically with the cat command I dont want to have to type in the entire image name when doing  cat on the long long filename  , i know i have seen where you can use the tab keyI can make the autocomplete with the TAB KEY work here and complete the file name , but this does not work for me here ?
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Is this a CMD.EXE window? It looks that way to me, so assuming it is and tab completion is not working you should right-click in window border at top and check the relevant option.
If you enable Fastedit, you can double-click on the name (which will then highlight) and put it on the clipboard by touching Enter. Later you paste by right-click.
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on windows os you may type


in dos-box.

in regedit use 'edit' menu and choose search.

search for 'CompletionChar'

there are multiple hits:

for each occurrence double-click on 'CompletionChar'

it opens a dialog where you can enter 9 as dword value.

9 is the code for TAB character.

enter f3 to get next occurrence.

if you are not allowed to make a change, you need to restart with admin rights or ignore the message if it only for a few occurrences of CompletionChar.

On MS-DOS (not windows) there is no autocompletion as far as i know.



awesome thanks

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