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How to Increase the Image Size in Joomla

Hello Community,

I have an image that has the dimensions of 2400 x 3104, but when I upload the image into my webpage it keeps on showing up as 646 x 1200.
User generated imageCan someone please explain why this is happening?


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646v2-1200 is the file name... it is not the image size :)
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I know its not the image size. The image size is 2400 x 3104, but as I said when published it still shows up a lot smaller than 2400 x 3104.

I need to know how to make it appear as 2400 x 3104?
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This is what i understand from your question: you are uploading an image as shown in screenshot...  but when you check it in the site (view it in browser) it is being resized to 1200 pixels wide... correct?

if this is what is happening, then your problem is because of the CSS rule used for 'responsive images' where you set image width to 100%....

You need to check the CSS being applied to the image (or the DIV around it) by using some tools like Firefox / Firebug,

a way to show the full image is to show it in a popup using extension like 'JCE mediabox-popup plugin'.

let me know if I am correct in above assumptions, if correct maybe I will be able to help you.

Hello cpatte,
the link you have given is for admin back-end... maybe you posted a wrong link...

anyways I checked the site and did not find any OBVIOUS big image which you might be referring to in this question..

let me know more clearly on which page it is so i can help if possible.
Hello prasadhbaapaat

Thanks again for responding. Sorry for the delayed response.

The following link shows the image that I would like expand/increase.

Can you help?

The link is taking me to a login page... I guess the link is only visible if you are logged in...

can you take a screenshot and show so at-least I can understand what is the problem with image and if I understand it, only then can I help you :)
Hi prasadhbaapaat

You can login with username barlow password barlow1

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Prasadh Baapaat
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Going to change login information now before reading your response.
Wow! prasadhbaapaat

Amazing, amazing response. Thanks so much.

I'm going to crop just as you suggested.

Thanks a lot mate. That really helped.

Absolutely fantastic solution.

Thank you soooooo much

Your image looks great on my site.

Can you please show me how to go about cropping my images to look like the one you attached.

Alternatively, would you like to submit another question for this?

Hello cpatte,
Thank you very much for your nice comments to my answer :-)

Yes, sure I will show you how to crop images for website. Do you use Photoshop? as the cropping can be done using Photoshop effectively.

If you do not have Photoshop, then I can show how to do it using some free software.

yes in another question I will answer

let me know.