Find all OID for Apache server

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Any idea how to find the OID for apache server ?

eg. what does the following OID represent ?
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You should stick to 1 question, like this we will get answers and questions whole over ... Have some patience, we are all volunteers.

In-depth information regarding OIDs is difficult if it even exists ... Why not focus on the OIDs that have plain text, like so:

[OID] agentHttpAccess
  [OID] agentHttpAddress
  [OID] apache2-mib
  [OID] apache2MIBHttpErrors
  [OID] apache2MIBInformation
  [OID] apache2MIBNotifications
  [OID] apache2MIBStatus
  [OID] busyWorkers
  [OID] httpError400
  [OID] httpError403
  [OID] httpError404
  [OID] httpError405
  [OID] httpError500
  [OID] httpError501
  [OID] httpError505
  [OID] idleWorkers
  [OID] serverBuilt
  [OID] serverKBytesPerRequest
  [OID] serverKBytesPerSec
  [OID] serverListenPorts
  [OID] serverName
  [OID] serverPidfile
  [OID] serverPort
  [OID] serverPortIndex
  [OID] serverPortNumber
  [OID] serverRequestsPerSec
  [OID] serverRestart
  [OID] serverRoot
  [OID] serverStatus
  [OID] serverTmpDir
  [OID] serverUptime
  [OID] serverVersion
  [OID] totalAccess
  [OID] totalServerPorts
  [OID] totalTraffic

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Oidview is a useful repositories of info for oid/mib
The below is a reference to Apache mib/oid

You have to use a portion of your oid in a search to identify its mib.
Distinguished Expert 2017

The one you reference is part of a uc Davis hierarchy.

To not have the numeric oids, you need to make sure you have the MIBS in your repository.
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Here is the Uc Davis mib/oid reference
Zephyr ICTCloud Architect

Hi arnold, I already referred to that link in his post here

Don't mean anything with it, just want to point your attention to the fact it's a duplicate question of sorts...



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