Windows Server 2003 migration & SAGE

Yann Shukor
Yann Shukor used Ask the Experts™

I have a client that is running SAGE accounting packages (500 & 1000) on a W2K3 (32bit) (DELL Poweredge 2900 with dual e5420 2.5 GHz quadcore xeons)

I have suggested that we migrate this server to W2K8 R2 (64bit), in order to support more RAM and to add more disk space, and more specifically, additional users
Personnaly I find this config overkill just for Sage (max five concurrent users)

We would purchase a couple of disks for the purpose of a 'clean' reinstallation

I checked with SAGE (ABSYSY) with regards to compatibility and all seems in order.

Can anyone, with experience in SAGE, roughly explain to me how one 'moves'
a SAGE installation from one server to another ?

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IT Systems Manager
I've never transfered Sage 500/1000 (think they are the sql versions?) but usually there's a couple of ways to do this. The easiest I've found is:

On the old server log in as manager and run a full backup for every account on there.

Install Sage onto the new server and within Sage itself restore the backups to it.

Change the company files within the client applications to point to the new server.

If your in doubt of how to do this or want to make sure it's done correctly I would suggest contacting Sage Support who can guide you (or may even be able to do it for you).


Thanks Andy
yes these are Ms-SQL dependent
Andy MIT Systems Manager

Ah, yeah thought so. I've transfered the none-sql versions of Sage before but the only client we have with the sql versions just gets Sage to do any migrations as part of their Sage Support contract so we've never been privy to the process (and finding instructions online is not easy when it comes to Sage products).

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