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WSUS is 130GB

I have recently started to manage the IT for a company which has a SBS 2008, they use WSUS, the WSUS is 130GB, as i have not set this server up, my guess is that it has been setup to collect all updates for most products and languages, the director said that the previous IT guy had removed languages recently before leaving. i have ran the cleanup wizard and it removes 100mb of updates, is 130GB really needed;

1x SBS 2008
11x windows 7 pro
1x windows ultimate  

Any advice is welcomed
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*** Hopeleonie ***
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And no Office updates?

For me I think 130 GB is fine as WSUS will grow :-)
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Did you run all of the options on the WSUS Cleanup?  I would expect it to remove far more than 100MB.

Re-run the cleanup one option at a time.  I tend to run the cleanups from the bottom to the top as the top option seems to take forever to complete.
130gb is definitely excessive if you don't have a lot of products and classifications; your OS selection should only be windows 7 and 2008
i would select those updates in the other languages and decline; may not go through cleanup wizard until that step is done first

and go through other updates and decline any that are superseded
i recently wrote an article about building a wsus environment and there is a section on managing updates that will help determine superseded updates that you can sort and decline which should allow the cleanup wizard to delete more

Installing, Configuring, and Managing WSUS
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Update, I'm back at work (UK time zone), went throught and double checked what product i had selected, changed it to office 2010, win 7 and SBS 2008. Now currently going through and running the cleaner with one option at time. If that fails then i will do what dstewartjr says and clean out the WSUS folder.

Thank you for the advice / help so far.

EDIT: Now 120 GB, going to do what dstewartjr said. The Internet here is two cans and a bit of string will leaving it runnnig over the weekend when i leave tonight.
Hi JJon,

For just W7 x 2 with SBS 130GB is definitely over the top. I setup WSUS last year for W7 only and it was 60GB. Factoring in another 12 months is maybe 30GB more.
I agree with the advice given - it's often easier to scrap it and start again than spend time trying to fix it. You won't get any nasty surprises either.

However, I would budget for 250GB of space on the grounds that patches only ever grow. I'd rather get enough space for a few years now than try and skimp and then mess about trying to move the content to another disk.
Recently I've seen servers built with 32GB disks and "surprise" they ran out of space.

Just a thought.

Ran the reset over the weekend and the WSUS is 62GB, seems normal, will monitor over the week. Solution given to dstewartjr, thanks everyone for helping.
Thank You, over halved the size of the WSUS content folder.
UPDATE: The WSUS has now ballooned to over 160GB, im going to remove the role and re-add it.
"The WSUS has now ballooned to over 160GB"

Then you most likely have too many products and classifications selected and/or languages. Do you have express installation files enabled ?

"You can use express installation files to limit the bandwidth that is consumed on the local network. However, this is at the costs of additional bandwidth on the Internet connection and additional local disk space. By default, WSUS does not use express installation files."
From your original question "setup to collect all updates for most products and languages"

why more than 1 language ?
I would go back and delete the content again then only select the products/classifications/languages you need and do a reset again.