PGP Universal Server Version 3.2

I have been tasked with creating a new MSI for PGP.  Also I would like to set up the consumer policy to disable the SSO feature and use a generic password if possible.  So when a device is powered on the user will type the generic password and not auto login with that account.
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bhiller06Author Commented:
Looking for a little more information.  I have browsed over the Admin guide but not seeing actual instructions.  I see SSO referenced one time but no instructions to disable it in the consumer policy.
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bhiller06Author Commented:
Right now I have set Deny encryption of disks to existing Windows Single-Sign On password.  Require Standard passphrase authentication.  I also have set Encrypt WDE disk to a Disk administrator passphrase with a set passphrase.  Under WDE BootGuard Customization I have set display simple authentication field.    I moved my user into the group that is pointed to the consumer policy.   I am having issues with enable silent enrollment that I enabled.  Every user that logs in is requested to enroll.  After a reboot depending on what group the user is in they may SSO login screen when powering on the PC.  I was hoping this would be a device specific setting.
Do I understand you correctly: you have denied sso for all users in question before they enrolled but sso is active for them? I find that hard to believe. Or did you deny sso after enrollment?
bhiller06Author Commented:
With all the new policies set and a fresh install I am getting this error when silently enrolling users.  Could not start disk encryption err: -12000.  I corrected the earlier issue.  My account was nested to another policy.  I am using the PGP_INSTALL_DISABLESSOENROLL=0
"Could not start disk encryption err: -12000." - oh, how I LOVE these errors.
We used Symantec Desktop for three years and had these 12000-errors sometimes. It's such a crappy software! Bitlocker does not produce a tenth of the difficulties we had with Symantec!
(sorry, had to say this :( )

Ok, you should try to reset your profile like this:
net stop pgpserv
taskkill /im pgptray.exe /f
dir /b c:\users >%temp%\users.txt
for /f %%a in (%temp%\users.txt) do rd "c:\users\%%a\AppData\Roaming\PGP Corporation" /s /q
net start pgpserv
"C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\PGP\PGP Desktop.lnk"

Open in new window

Execute it as admin and elevated.
Code is outdated, it was from a time before symantec aquired PGP, but I guess it will work, when you adjust the paths. The main part is deleting the folder below appdata.
bhiller06Author Commented:
I ran the script and made sure the PGP Corporation is deleted but still receiving the error after I log off and back on.   I agree we may be headed over to MBAM.  I only get an error on the account that is applied to this new consumer policy.
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