Binding Navigator and Bound Textbox Act Funny

I have a Windows form application where mutliple text boxes are bound to a SQL CE 3.5 database with a binding source, binding navigator, table adapter, etc. There is also a drop down list bound to the same table using the same binding source. When the program first starts, everything is correct. When the user FIRST goes to an item, the item name displays correctly as do all the other text boxes. However, whenever the user returns to an item, either using the navigator or the drop down list, the item name textbox displays instead of the item name. All other textboxes are correct.
The data binding is: Text: ItemsBindingSource - ItemName

I've had a fruitless search for two days on this. Nothing on E-E seems to help but I may have been using the wrong search terms. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
Did you see this?

cbxBank.DataSource = ....;//specify your datasource
cbxBank.DataValueField = "BankID";
cbxBank.DataTextField = "BankName";

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rkulpAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, one cannot set a datasource for a text box  as DataSource is not a member of textbox. Also, why do all the other textboxes work fine but this one does not? I did put this one on separately from drag and drop the datasource but it is configured identically to the others. I may drag and drop the datasource again and delete all the redundant textboxes. I should be able to manually bind a textbox anyway. Also, why does it show the data properly when initially navigated to but then replace it if I go to another record and return?
rkulpAuthor Commented:
I did a drag and drop from the table in the data sources tab (VS2010) to the form using the same binding source. I got exactly the same behavior for the new textboxes as the old one. It seems to be something in the binding source or binding navigator.
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Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
All the text boxes use the same binding source? Only one has these issues?

Maybe you can configure one of the working text boxes to handle the input for the troublesome text box.

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rkulpAuthor Commented:
Thanks for sticking with me. I appreciate your suggestions on this wierd problem.

Maybe you can configure one of the working text boxes to handle the input for the troublesome text box.

I don't know how to do that. One thing I did was to add another Windows form to the project and then, dragging the detail view of the datasource onto the form, made the same set of textboxes with a new binding navigator, all bound to the same binding source. This one worked perfectly regardless of how many times I changed records.

I expect I could delete all the controls on the original tab page and rebuild it. Possibly that would work. The problem with that, even if it worked, is that I would not learn anything and still not understand what caused this problem. The test a few comments above was on the same form using the same binding navigator.
rkulpAuthor Commented:

I gave up and deleted all the old textboxes and binding navigator and then started over. It seems to work fine now. Please let me know how you wish to close this question. I'll be glad to give you all the points.
Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
Glad you got it working.

That's actually not a bad avenue to take when things get weird. Please credit this:
Maybe you can configure one of the working text boxes to handle the input for the troublesome text box.
as the answer & note that the real solution was to start over.
rkulpAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, the real solution turned out to be just to delete all the textboxes and start over.
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