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I wish more PC games were designed to go back and play certain levels or create a map or arena mode like Unreal Tournament.  For instance, Shadow of Mordor allows you to go back time and time again to enjoy just running around in the world and enjoy battling orcs.  Skyrim is like that.  The Batman games are like that, etc.  However, on a game like Wolfenstein the New Order, it would be great if they created maps that you could have a blast with.  There are no mods for you to be able to do this either.  So my question is if I back up my Wolfenstein with Game Save Manager (to be safe), can I go back and just re-play the levels I want without messing up the fact that I already finished the game?  If I do go back and re-play several levels and it does screw up my existing saves, I should be able to restore with GSM and all will be back to where it was before, right?

Or if Mass Effect 3 has a replay level capability, then I could do the same with this game as well, could I not?
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
You can replay any character from their save point in both.  In ME3 if you want to start from scratch you need to import a different character as Bioware built the game so every choice you make has an impact on the character development and game progression.  The used to be a bug in ME where you'd retain any bonus powers you'd unlocked from previous plays though.

[spoiler] Did you find the Wolfenstein 3D Easter Egg hidden in TNO? [/spolier]

Enjoy watching it all again with the 980ti :D
ArtG2521Author Commented:
I did find the Wolfenstein 3D Easter Egg.  It was a cute throwback.  I just started playing the Old Blood and they give you several "nightmare" sequences to throw you back to the old game.  With me though, it was cute in TNO, but boring in TOB.  I grew up playing all the low res games (like Wolfenstein, DOOM, etc.) and at the time they were great and I have fond memories of some of these.  But now, I can't go home again.  Give me the new, great graphics of today.  This is why even though I applaud and appreciate the success of Minecraft, I simply cannot play that game.

Now my follow up question to your answer: If I replay a level in TNO, does this affect the entire original save?  For example, will re-playing level 5 wipe out all that I've done from level 6 on?

In ME3, if I re-play from a save point early in the game, will it affect all the other save points after this point?

I guess I am protected because if it does, I can simply restore the original saves with GSM after I am done replaying levels or save points.  With TNO especially, I would like to repeatedly replay a couple of favorite levels every once in a while BUT not the entire game all over again.

I wish TNO had an arcade mode like Call of Juarez Gunslinger.  I love going back to that game whenever I want to replay levels and NEVER have to replay the entire game.  Or as in Unreal Tournament, I can simply setup a map and AI players and have some fun and then it's done.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
"Now my follow up question to your answer: If I replay a level in TNO, does this affect the entire original save? " On TNO, no, your later saves remain fixed starting points (provided you don't pass the next save point) but subsequent saves will overwrite your character's experience.  To some extent this is true in ME too but the game engine tries to generate your back story if you have randomly generated a new character rather than porting an ME2 profile which can lead to some interesting anomalies in play(!)

Basically GSM is going to be your backup and safety-net for past saves so feel free to take the games in whatever direction you can.

(& with ME try some of the alternate endings - the Leviathan dlc is a much better ending than Bioware's offering!!)

I still have a hankering for the older graphics now and again - when the flickering on a panel on the wall was a giveaway - & now and again will play something like Greed or even Elite so I'm probably incurable!

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ArtG2521Author Commented:
Yep, Leviathan was a better ending.  ME2 and 3 were great.  I give the slight edge to ME2 as being the best of the 3.  The new ME is coming:

New DOOM is coming too.  I have plenty of games bought on Steam sales I haven't played yet.  Those sales are the best.  I always wait until the games are discounted to 50% or less.  Enjoying it even more with my new GTX 980ti !!
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
"Those sales are the best." - also have a look at

ps thanks for the points - that makes me the only Games Genius on EE :D
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