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Youtube video on site without embedding

Hi, My client wants this on his site:  click on ver trailer on the left.

So the youtube video opens in a pop up window, and it looks like it's not embedded. It's nice.

So questions are:
1. Am I right, is it not embedded?
2. Can I replicate this, and how?

Thanks for your help!
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Melody Scott
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Hi, I have colorbox on this page now, I think it should work:

I have colorbox.css linked properly, and jquery.colorbox.js is linked as well. I also have <script src=""></script>

I have the script in the header that they show on the demo page here:

And I am using the exact link they show for youtube in the demo page:
<p><a class='youtube' href="">Flash / Video (Iframe/Direct Link To YouTube)</a></p>

But it isn't working. I'll continue to work on it, to see what I am missing, but a little help would be great as well! Thanks.
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I think you should use the YouTube version of MediaElement Player.
Visit this link to try out a demo:
Thanks, I'll try that. I'm also looking at fancybox.
That doesn't seem like a pop-up. I think I'll use fancybox. Thanks.
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

Hi, this was never really answered, I came up with my own answer
Of course mediaelement js isn't a popup !!!
So whatever you're thinking ???
Good luck with that ...
Well, that was what I had asked for, so your answer didn't help me. Thanks anyway.

Might be you can execute this process via of Jquery. Use this following code, I hope it helps you to add the YouTube pop up window
Demo code:-
$(document).ready(function() {
    $('.popup-youtube, .popup-vimeo, .popup-gmaps').magnificPopup({
        disableOn: 720,
        type: 'iframe',
        mainClass: 'mfp-fade',
        removalDelay: 180,
        preloader: false,

        fixedContentPos: false

<a class="popup-youtube" href="">Open YouTube video</a>
Thanks, Vaibhav, I will try that!
That isn't working, probably I am doing it wrong?
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Vaibhav Bagga
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Hi, thanks. it works, but doesn't solve my problem, as I need to not use embed code:

I appreciate your time, and I'll use this in other projects!
Great answer, didn't entirely solve the problem.