How to develop web pages application with a function to draw chemical structure

Vincent Cheng
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we are developing web pages for customer and they need the function to draw chemical structure (things like what they drew in ChemDraw) to do the process like query their internal database, etc., please advise what do we need to integrate this function into our web pages (maybe APIs or some kind of components) to fulfill this ? appreciate your advice !
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There seem to be several chemistry diagramming or web-based chemical structure editor tools. These provide samples and examples showing how these libraries could work for you:

ChemAxon - Marvin JS | Live Example
ChemWriter | Examples
Scilligence - JSDraw 2
SciTouch - Ketcher | Examples
Chemene JSDraw

It certainly looks like there is a healthy collection of tools to fiddle with and integrate into your work. Some are commercial, open source and so forth. Just evaluate those and look around for other options.
Vincent ChengSr. Project Manager


Thanks, this information is helpful for our current survey stage.
will post further other questions when we dive into any of these solutions.

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