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Redirect website !

I am looking at a solution that will allow people to use the product that I have developed, using their proprietary website so that the clients of propriety website owner will have a feeling of working on the same website.

Let me explain,

Suppose I have developed a flight ticket booking application, which will allow people to log-in to my  website say and book tickets online. Now I am approached by travel agent that wants to use my booking engine to serve his clients but through his website. So he has a website (hypothetical).

I want to enable users of to login to and book tickets. Once they log-in they should be redirected to and will use the UI of and when they logout after booking, they will be redirected to .

Some points that I need to clarify,

1.      I am aware that this can be achieved by API integration, however I would like to avoid that if possible.
2.      The URL in the address bar should not have any reference to , and it should always show
3.      The booking engine is developed using PHP and MySQL

Looking forward to the solution. Thank you.
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Ray Paseur
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You could write it like Joomla/Wordpress work common code base and have a separate database for the booking data. That or use an API where they pull data from your site only. Otherwise you get into cross site scripting problems.
Just use the API.