Inno Setup: Download on demand

I use Inno Setup Compiler 5.5.5 (together with Inno Script Studio) to create a setup program for my application. A part of the application files is a helper program MyHelperProgram.exe. However, MyHelperProgram.exe should not be contained in the setup program but downloaded from the Internet on demand. This means that:

If MyHelperProgram.exe does not yet exist in the application directory of my application OR if my application is to be installed the first time on the user's computer: Automatically download and install MyHelperProgram.exe in the directory of my application.

If MyHelperProgram.exe already exists in the application directory (i.e. when the user installs a newer version of my application over an older version of my application) but there is no newer version of MyHelperProgram.exe on my website: Don't download and install MyHelperProgram.exe

If MyHelperProgram.exe already exists in the application directory (i.e. when the user installs a newer version of my application over an older version of my application) but there IS a newer version of MyHelperProgram.exe on my website: Automatically download and install MyHelperProgram.exe

How can I add this behavior in Inno Script Studio?
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Isabella PengCommented:
You can use the InnoTools Downloader or Inno Download Plugin program from Inno Setup Third-Party Files options.It will help you to download files from any location.I tried it for English language.

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PeterDelphinAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but could you give me a working scripting example?
Isabella PengCommented:
  MyProgChecked1:  Boolean;
  var ResultStr1: String;
  var State: boolean;
procedure InitializeWizard();
State:= False;
ResultStr1:= '';
//Check for office 2013 64 bitness
MyProgChecked1:= RegQueryStringValue(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,'Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Outlook','Bitness', ResultStr1);
 if ResultStr1 = 'x64'  then
        State:= True;
        itd_downloadafter( wpwelcome);
//Check for 2010 64 bitness
      MyProgChecked1:= RegQueryStringValue(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,'Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Outlook','Bitness', ResultStr1);
  if ResultStr1 = 'x64'  then
       State:= True;
       itd_addfile('http://b.exe', 'D:\b.exe')
       itd_downloadafter( wpwelcome);
if State <> True  then
       itd_downloadafter( wpwelcome);

I think this will help you....
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PeterDelphinAuthor Commented:
Hello Isabella! Thank you very much!

I am very sorry for the delay, I was busy with another activity!

I will give you the 500 points.

But could you please explain:

1. How to check the version in Inno Setup directly from an EXE/DLL file, how to integrate this version check into the whole thing so the Inno Download Plugin automatically downloads the file only if the existing version is older or the file does not exist.

2. How to integrate this script in the Inno Setup project with Inno Script Studio?

Thank you!
Isabella PengCommented:
sure I will send you the complete code
PeterDelphinAuthor Commented:
Isabella, I did not yet get your code. Where did you send it?

Why don't you just insert it here?
Vadim RappCommented:
This question has been classified as abandoned and is closed as part of the Cleanup Program. See the recommendation for more details.
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