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Ted Penner
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We are migrating to Google Drive and just noticed that you can put pictures in or  I don't know why they complicate it like that but they do.

My android phone saves pictures to, but only if the app is specifically loaded.

Unfortunately, despite setting everything correctly, when I take a picture, it does not show up immediately, or even within the hour.

I would prefer to know that it was instant regardless of whether I am on wifi or the att network and I thought that was set up.  However it is still not happening.

Advice is greatly appreciated.
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Basically the recommended workflow here is to place any images in Google Photos. This has recently been integrated with Google Drive, so in Drive you will now see a folder "Google Photos" below "My Drive" and "Shared with me". Any images you put in Google Photos through your phone or Google+ will also appear here, and as far as I know this is instant for new images.
What's not clear to me from your question is whether images don't appear instantly in Google photos, or in Drive. If they are "stuck" on your phone, it's most likely a setting or a network issue. If it's not appearing in Drive, but it is there in Google Photos online, something else might be going on.
If it's not uploading and remaining on your phone, check the settings in Google Photos. Check your upload size setting. High quality means pictures over 16 megapixel in size will be compressed, but anything up to 16MP will keep its original size. High quality won't count against your Google Drive storage. Original size means photos will be uploaded "as is" but will count towards your storage space limits. Under Backup settings, you have a choice to indicate whether you only want to backup via WiFi, or also through a mobile data network, whether you want to upload when roaming, and whether you only want to upload when connected to a charger. Most likely these settings are the culprit if your pictures are not uploading as expected.
If that still doesn't answer your question we'll probably need a bit more detailed examples.
Ted PennerSoftware Engineer


It's working perfectly now.  I removed Google Photos and then re-installed.  We are seeing it now and the new integration is nice also.

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