Scan and Email not working from Printer itself

Konica Minolta BizHub 352

I have been using this printer from last two years and no problem. But couple of months back changed the router and the ISP and the problem started.

Because of the above change the Router IP and range has changed, printer ip address changed. And at this stage the printer is printing, scan is working using FTP utility.

But when try to scan and email from the printer itself as it has the capability to do that then it throws the error – jobs done improperly and then when I check the logs it says “error connecting server”

The settings used are
-      Email address, domain name, SSL, port: 465, SMTP authentication on, SSL is on
-      The new settings have reflected in Administrator Registration and Input Machine Address as well with new email address

I am not able to figure out that whether the settings on the printer is wrong or something is blocking to connect outside world.

Konica Minolta technician have setup the router for their own use so they can receive data for their purpose. That means printer is not going out to the outside world.
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Double check to make sure your IP settings ip, netmask and default gateway are correct for the new set.
Double check the credentials used to authenticated are still valid.
Do you have an internal server that can have the SMTP role added so that it can be used by the printer internally to relay without the need to authenticate.

Make sure you have no errand spaces, characters.  Make sure if you use hostnames for the destination server that as part of the ip changes, you also made changes for the name servers it should use to resolve the hostname for the mail server.
Are you scanning to email or to a folder? Your question mentions SMTP, which implies email. On the other hand, you also talk about FTP, implying scan to folder.

For email, you need to make sure that the printer's email address is recognised by your email server. Try giving the printer your own email address and password. That should then work. If it doesn't we need to look at other things. If it does work, then the email server needs to be set up to recognise the printer.

What email server are you using - port 465 is used for SMTP by gmail?

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Have you tried to telnet to mail server using 465 port?
Do you have access to mail server smtp logs?
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The newer standard is 25, 4)5 SSL port 587 is unencrypted (unencrypted ports offer starttls and some providers require)
samsolutionsAuthor Commented:
sorry I got stuck somewhere and could not come back.

- when you mentioned about ipsettings "is it on the printer?"
- credentials are checked as tested on pc using same with ms outlook
- we do not have any internal server
- the settings are 465 with SSL

- scanning to folder is working great and we use FTP utility provided by Konica Minolta. BUT its scanning to email straight from printer is not working.
- we are using the email address of the current ISP so should not be a problem of authentication.

- I do not have access to the smtp logs
- And have not tried telnet on 465 port. BUT as mentioned tried configuring email on ms outlook with these settings and work all good.

conclusion - my thinking is something still not correct that is not allowing to go out on the internet. may be not these email settings.

will wait for your reply.
Yes within the printer including, ip, netmask, default gateway, name servers, SMTP server (name or IP)
All these could play a part in the printer failing to establish a connection to the server.

I.e. An error in the default gateway will prevent the printer from connecting. A typo in the SMTP server name, or a selection of a non working DNS/name server could play a part in the issue you have.

Check your firewall rules /log to see whether you can detect the printer's ip connection to any outbound port 465 connection making sure it is not being blocked by a rule.


If you could setup a simple SMTP server internally, it could bypass issues with the printer.

Not saying it is the case with you, helped anothe similarly phrased question a while back.  The issue after the above checks were confirmed not bring the issue, the asker noticed that there was an extra space in the SMTP server name ............

Re typing stuff might be a pain in .... But may fix/correct ....... Resolving the situation.
we are using the email address of the current ISP

I suggested giving the printer your email address, to see if that works
I think the  error posted/mentioned, is connection failure not sure but suspect, the error will be different among the possible types.
samsolutionsAuthor Commented:
hi arnold
I am sure of no error of blank spaces because we use the web interface of the printer as well.
we have already setup correctly for DNS, subnet and ip address while setting up the Static IP for this printer.

- this is the printer email address "" and the ISP is "". now we tried to send an email to gmail, private domain emails and they all are failing.
Believe me there are nothing worse that thinking there is absolutely, no way that I mistyped, anything, and after only a few hairs left, recheck and find out I was wrong.

Double check if you use a name for the SMTP server that you reenter it. Note that since you are using the 465 port, that the hostname/certificate may have an impact. i.e. the certificate is for mail.yourISP.NZ while the certificate is for and ...

Does your printer have a detailed log on what the SMTP transaction is and why it failed.

1) This used to work
2) It stopped working after the LAN IPs have changed.
3) Presumably the IP access to the outside has been resolved.
4) Presumably your ISP is not blocking so there is a typo that explains this issue.

If you have a windows system on which you can test, use the free Mercury mail server from
Set it up, it does not need authentication nor encryption. and see if that works.  See if your ISP provides an outgoing mail server without SSL these days often port 587 is unencrypted option.


Rechecking every single configuration setting dealing with IP, SMTP settings is the only way to detect where the issue is and resolve it.
To eliminate the dependence on the ISP to handle this, setup your own internal SMTP server to which your printer will submit the emails and which will either deliver them to your ISP's mail server or actually will do the work of attempting to deliver them to the recipient of the message.
samsolutionsAuthor Commented:
I have checked all the settings but no luck. And its not going to work out to setup smtp server. I got to try gmail setup again and will update on that once performed.
samsolutionsAuthor Commented:
The problem has not resolve but we all try to get it going and its fixed by Konica people.
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