Proxy Server and Rukus Wifi controller.

I am using rukus Controller 1100 (Zone Director).i Want to implement the following for 2000 user.

1.Each user has login name and password
2.Each user has Volume based internet connectivity
3.Each user has time based connectivity
4.Content based filtering.

Please guide which is the best open source utility for above and how can i configure it.

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Could you please provide some clarity? Are these 2000 users all working for the same organization? And if so, what infrastructure do they already have in place, such as Active Directory or eDirectory? This is something that can be accomplished using the ZD 1100 itself, even though I'm not sure how it would perform with 2000 users.

Is your time based restriction goal by WLAN or by user? Different answers justify different solutions.

The ZoneDirector 1100 is *not* designed to content filter. Why not use your firewall to do this if it already does, or get something easy to use like a Sonicwall?

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SmukhtarAuthor Commented:
Using Active Directory in my organization but i want radious server for connectivity of zone director

2000 user are within one organization
it is an educational institute
Goal is userbased and through Wlan.
Is sonic wall has the ability for volume based internet connectivity per user base and content filtering
If your goal is to use AD-based authentication, then you can actually set up the ZoneDirector to do just that. (I do not specifically recall regarding time and download restrictions since I never had to do user based restrictions).

A Sonicwall  can do user based access restrictions (never tried time based), as you can integrate AD as well. Not sure what model to recommend when you have 2000 users, unless you have a good guess of how many users are on at a time.

The data limit part I'd honestly have to check further.

During the hours of not being able to get online, should they not be able to log into the network at all? Or just not be on the Internet? If network, then you can actually use AD to prevent logins during certain hours.

By the way, Ruckus sent out an End of Life notice for the ZD 1100 series 3 months ago.
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SmukhtarAuthor Commented:
Goal is : To use radious server authentication
For internet usage ,i need user database in radious server imported from AD,(How it possible)
Please check for volume based if possible.
There are no good open source RADIUS servers for Windows. You could try something like TekRADIUS, which should be able to solve everything except the content filter. However, the free version has limitations that would annoy you. The paid version costs 219 USD.

Windows Server has NPS built in, which I've refused to mess with because I didn't want to make things murky on a production server in the process of figuring out how to get the RADIUS policies working properly. This would cost nothing, but I am also assuming you have Windows Server 2008 or 2012.
SmukhtarAuthor Commented:
Thanks All
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