regex replace up to char or end of line

Hello,  i had this strings¶m2=value2¶m2=value2¶m3=value3

I want replace, param2=xxxx with param2=bbbb
but i'm having problems to detect the end to group to replace, due can be & or end of line
I tryed this mystring.replace(/&param2=(.*)(?=&|$)/gi,'&param2=newvalue' ) but don't work
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The % in the pattern match deals with URLencoded I.e.%20 as a space.
Carl BohmanCommented:
Rather than using a character class that explicitly includes characters (which may exclude valid characters, such as can be included in international URLs), it may be best to use an inverted character class like this:
mystring.replace(/param2=[^&]*(?=&|$)/g, 'param2=newvalue'); 

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Also note that you want to be sure to not capture the following "&" (if there is one) when you do the replace or it will be removed by the replacement text.  To deal with that, I'm using a lookahead (which doesn't capture and isn't included in the matched string that gets replaced).
käµfm³d 👽Commented:
You really shouldn't need more than:


Open in new window your pattern. Within a URL, ampersand is the delimiter between two key/value pairs, so just match everything that isn't an ampersand. There is no need to check for end-of-line/string.

I would change the leading ampersand to an alternation, though. Unless you can guarantee that "param2" will always not be the first key/value pair, then it's possible that a ? preceeds it:


mystring.replace(/(\?|&)param2=[^&]*/gi, '$1param2=newvalue')

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