Upgrade Flash On ASA 5505 Security Plus

I have an ASA 5505 Security Plus. I have a 128mb Flash card that I need to change to a 512mb card. I am confused as to the proper method to do this without messing up my configuration. Can anyone put in simple terms the steps to do this?
Dennis PillowAsked:
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The included link covers the possible issues and how to remedy/recover from it.

Do you have a tftp server to which you can copy data and then to use to boot the Asa from?

Dennis PillowAuthor Commented:
What I am worried about is all the files located on the flash drive. Can I just copy the entire disk to another disk via windows?
You can copy the data off using other means, tftp, FTP or using asdm/web interface.

It is best to be prepared I.e. Have tftp server ready/configured to handle anything that might come up.

Here is another reference that could/would help should your windows attempted data transferred flash encounters an issue.

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Dennis PillowAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help Arnold. The links pointed me to the solution.
Benjamin Van DitmarsCommented:
export youre license key, with a show ver before start. copy youre running conf t ios and asdm to the new card. and boot the firewall. copy youre backup config to running conf and enter youre license key if asked. do a write mem and reload. the firewall should reboot without quistions
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