Connecting my laptop to 2 vlan at the same time.

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HI Experts,

I currently have 2 vlan on the same switch (VLAN 1 and VLAN 5).
The VLAN 1 is used for traffic for my computers and VLAN5 is for my phones. They both have a dhcp server. what I would like to do is to be able to have my laptop connecting to both vlan so if I type an address from VLAN it knows to go there and if I type an address from VLAN5 it know how to get there as well.
How can I accomplish that? right now  I keep switching VLAN to go from one to another , the ports on my switch are configure with both VLAN s it's up to the network card to tell which VLAN it would like to be.
VLAN 1 IP Scheme is
VLAN 5 is

Thank you ,
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Usually, the switch differentiates based on MAC address to assign Voice VLAN 5 versus computer Vlan 1.

The above answers your question how to achieve what you want based on how VLAN assignment is determined, though it makes no clear reason what it is you want.
What you can not do while on the computer VLAN?


I would like to connect directly on the phone configuration thru the web browser. since my computer has an IP of I can't connect to ( the IP address of the phone)
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You can configure the router to which possibly both LANs connect to allow traffic from a specific IP on the LAN side (that you can assign to your system when it connects, DHCP IP reservation) to the phone system.  Some phone systems have a designated port to which a device that can manage them must be connected.
Give each VLAN an vlan interface IP address from the same subnet as the rest of the devices in the VLAN.  On the devices in each VLAN, list the VLAN Interface IP as the default gateway.  You may have to enable IP routing functions on the switch if that's enabled.

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