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Trying to undersigned the vmware memory managemnt.  Please see the attached screen shot is from a drs -monitoring tab.
Have a question on the guest memory bar. Hope someone will explain or direct me to correct kb article etc.
I see that there is a value for ballooned and swapped.
Does this mean that the esxi hosts in this cluster are under memory contention? or
What does it it means?
I am trying to find the expiation for this part, I do not see anything on vmware memory management article  other than explaining ballooing,swaping .drs.png
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Paul SolovyovskySenior IT Advisor
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balooned memory happens when there is contention

Ballooning reclaims memory by artificially increasing the memory
pressure inside the guest

Hypervisor swapping reclaims memory by having
ESXi directly swap out the virtual machine’s memory

good article on this

I believe when a guest VM is ballooning this is bad because it means you host is running out of memory and trying to pull memory back from the VMs. I also noticed your VM is swapping. Sound like your host and VM need more memory resources
are you using resource pools? As that is another possible reason why you would be seeing this, esp when you have enough physical resources

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